5 floors

All rooms in the house are made of natural wood, barely noticeable aroma will set you up for the desired relaxation. Beds with orthopedic mattresses, new bedding, comfortable furniture, modern appliances and plumbing – everything for your comfort.

1st floor – 2 bedrooms, dining room, fireplace hall, spacious hall
2nd floor – 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with jacuzzi
3rd floor – playroom for kids
4-5 floors – panoramic rooms with beds

Wi-Fi, projector for summer cinema under the starry sky


Guest room for 6 people with fireplace. Сontrast shower, if necessary – massage table. Carpathian tea with honey. Towels, hats and sheets are provided.

Swimming pool

pool 5×10

Swimming pool with springboard and waterfall, locker room, toilet, children’s inflatable armbands, towels provided

Arbors, hayloft, sports area, swings, hammock, grills, parking

The possibility of a slide ride on sleighs in case of snowy winter in homestead. An crushed stone road leads to the homestead.